Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bang on a Can Exuberance

While I am working my way toward a blogging hiatus, I could not resist sharing this with you. Thanks to Thomas Deneuville at I Care If You Listen, all of us who didn't get to the 25th Bang on a Can Marathon can get a glimpse of it: exuberant, joyful, zany, miraculous, wacky, over-the-top, everything.  Who says classical music can't be fun?

Video + Editing: Thomas Deneuville

Opening animation: Daniel Thompson at DTWebart (


Some favorites (Thomas has helpfully provided hyperlinks for the location of each piece listed below if you listen directly on YouTube):

Eve Beglarian - In and Out of the Game [3:18]
- The Guidonian Hand

More about Eve Beglarian and her RiverProject can be found here and below.

Ruby Fulton - The End [4:28]
- Newspeak

Martin Bresnick - Prayers Remain Forever [5:26]
- TwoSense

For more about Prayers Remain Forever, click here.

Oscar Bettison - B & E (with Aggravated Assault) [5:56]
- Newspeak

Brian Pertl - Land of Snows [6:59]
- Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Band

An Anthology of Essays on Deep Listening can be found here.  The wonderful young composer, Lawton Hall, whose piece Hypothetical Patterns of Public Private Conflict, Prufrock is proud to present here, has contributed an essay, Meditations on Form: Towards a Theory of Inclusive Music, to the Anthology.

Kaki King [7:27]
- Kaki King

Michael Harrison - Just Ancient Loops [8:58]
- Maya Beiser, cello; film by Bill Morrison

Steve Reich - Six Pianos [10:10]
- Grand Band

For more about Six Pianos, click here.

Special fashion note:  Todd Reynolds' orange pants [2:47] & [6:28]

Thomas live blogged about the marathon here.  Thomas also reports that more videos are to come.  To subscribe to the videos, as I do, click here.

Thomas and all the terrific contributors at I Care If You Listen do a wonderful job, generally, of reporting on classical/new music.  The site also provides excellent videos like this and, each season, a mixtape as well.  The summer mixtape can be found here.

Thank you, Thomas, and to all the great contributors at I Care If You Listen!


Further Listening

While I'm offline:

If you haven't yet visited More Fine Listening at Prufrock's, click here.

For the entire Contemporaneous concert, Just for Us, click here.

And, of course, there are listening lists at the end of almost every Prufrock's post.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Susan:
We should not dream of contradicting your terminology and if you say 'classical', then we are more than happy to accept what you say on this, as on all matters musical come to that, for our own knowledge really does pale into insignificance in comparison with yours. In this instance we should perhaps describe the pieces as 'modern' classical, possibly a little too edgy for us!!

Scott said...

Open mindedness is a trait I have really come to admire.A passionate person listening. Sharing. Supporting. Growing.

An observer of water, my eyes were caught by the Eve Beglarian piece. What ensued was so pleasant and inspiring.I listened to In and out of the Game, then followed a link to an interview.

Her voice was amazing. Like a river. Kind of flowing,melodic and effortlessly. The stuff she was saying almost getting me a little choked up. For it was things I think about and have wanted to say. She expresses her feelings so eloquently in speech then has this talent to transfer it to music.

So many killer lines in the interview. As soon as I heard, "the river teaches you..." I knew she was real, for she had listened.

"It Happened Like This" is awesome. Beglarian's wonderful voice. An unhurried,contemplating mandolin. A story. Kind of rustic,kind of modern.

Thanks for this one.

Susan Scheid said...

Jane and Lance: Perhaps the operative word here should be "fun." It had to be enormous fun to be in that room, and, as I couldn't be, I'm enormously grateful to Thomas from bringing us all such a fine glimpse!

Scott: As always, your observations are fresh and keen. I love how you followed the trail of the river to Beglarian's music and the interview, and, finally, to "It Happened Like This." I had not myself had a chance to follow that particular trail all the way through until after you wrote. I've now done so and can say, not only does the river teach you, but you have, too. Thank you so much.

Brigitta Huegel said...

Dear Sue,
as you know well, I always need a 'teacher' in music. This time I followed Scott's words - and am thankful to you both!
And I am glad to see/hear further posts!!

ShySongbird said...

Zany, wacky and wonderful. I love how music has started to cross boundaries and that different genres are merging together. Excellent listening Susan!

May I also say how much I enjoyed your earlier 'Blue Guitar' post. Coincidentally, we used to have a copy of Picasso's picture on the wall of our sitting room where we listen to music most.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Buddy's reaction o the sounds,
"It's great music for Halloween".
And his comment led me to listen again and I concur. Fun for sure.

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