Prufrock's Presents Just For Us

Just for Us
Performed by Contemporaneous
Sunday, February 26, 2012
Olin Hall, Bard College

Dubio, by Andrés Martínez de Velasco Escobedo

Andrés Martinez de Velasco Escobedo: Dubio (2011-2012) by contemporaneous
© Andrés Martínez de Velasco Escobedo.  Reproduced by kind permission.

Dollhouse, by Molly Joyce

Molly Joyce: Dollhouse (2011-2012) by contemporaneous
© Molly Joyce.  Reproduced by kind permission.

Hypothetical Patterns of Public Private Conflict, by Lawton Hall

Lawton Hall: Hypothetical Patterns of Public Private Conflict (2011) by contemporaneous
© Lawton Hall.  Reproduced by kind permission.

Double Quintet with Percussion, by Maxwell McKee

Maxwell McKee: Double Quintet with Percussion (2011-2012) by contemporaneous
© Maxwell McKee.  Reproduced by kind permission.

Reels, by Adam Zuckerman

Adam Zuckerman: Reels (2011-2012) by contemporaneous
© Adam Zuckerman.  Reproduced by kind permission.

A Way A Lone A Last A Loved A Long the Riverrun, by Dylan Mattingly

Dylan Mattingly: A Way A Lone A Last A Loved A Long the Riverrun (2010) by contemporaneous
© Dylan Mattingly.  Reproduced by kind permission.

For more about the concert, click here.  The concert program can be found here.  All of the pieces can also be found here.

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